Bergen County NJ Paving Contractor

Riggi Paving Inc. is a Ridgefield Park, NJ-based paving contractor with unrivaled localpaving contractor bergen county nj experience for residential, commercial, and municipal projects. We are a second generation paving contractor, having served Bergen County, NJ, and the surrounding area towns’ reliably for over 65 years. Whether a parking lot, a road or a driveway, we can pave it from scratch or we can also resurface the existing area. And depending on what your project requires, we offer a choice of blacktop, asphalt, concrete, sidewalks, driveways, roadways, parking lots, speed humps or bumps, Belgian block, and/or pavers.

It is also essential that your paving project is well-engineered because a poor job can cause foundation issues from pooling water and/or other inconvenient side-effects. A shoddy paving job results in a short lifespan, whereas quality paving should last for years. Likewise, understanding the difference between an overlay and a full redo is essential.

Get The Right Paving Contractor In Bergen County NJ

What sets Ridgefield Park, NJ-based Riggi Paving Inc. apart from the competition in Bergen County and beyond? We offer the highest level of quality, experience, and also genuine service! And for if you are interested about our history and experience, please have a look here. From better materials to an unrivaled attention to detail, we are the most reputable Bergen County, NJ contractor. If you need a parking lot, a road or a driveway, repaired or replaced, contact Riggi Paving Inc. today!