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Parking Lot Paving requires an experienced contractor. A parking lot is an essential element in any business or residential complex. Its quality will determine whether or not it can withstand heavy traffic and endure a lengthy lifespan. In fact, parking lots require far more planning than, for instance, a driveway. Do your homework and make sure the Bergen County parking lot paving contractor you hire has a solid track record, including staying on budget and delivering a quality product.

Parking Lot Paving Dynamics

Parking lots add a unique dimension to paving. An experienced and knowledgeable Bergen County parking lot paving contractor will understand the dynamics. How they are paved depends on what the parking lot will actually be used for. Things like size, weight load and the soil beneath (to name a few) are information elements required before construction ensues. Another important aspect of paving a parking lot is the paving mix used. The density and thickness of the materials are directly equated to the weight the parking lot will handle. Riggi Paving is a Bergen County paving company that knows how to fulfill the needs of even the most unique & challenging job.

One of the biggest questions that must be answered prior to planning a parking lot is what type of vehicles will be using it. Large commercial vehicles versus passenger cars not only require different paving material densities and thicknesses, but also different dimensions. Understanding the different specifications and how to design a parking lot related to individual need is of the utmost importance.  Riggi Paving Inc. is a commercial paving company well versed in meeting the unique needs of each paving project.

Why Choose Riggi Paving for Parking Lot Paving?

Riggi Paving Inc. has been paving New Jersey Parking Lots for more than 60 years.  What sets our Bergen County paving company apart from the competition is our quality workmanship. Riggi Paving strives to meet a customer’s needs by offering a fair price for delivering the highest standard of paving. From the best quality materials to the highest attention to fine detail.  If you are looking to install a new parking lot or repair an existing parking lot contact the most reputable New Jersey paving company, Riggi Paving Inc.


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