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Sidewalk Repair Bergen County NJ
Sidewalk Repair Bergen County NJ

When it comes to concrete sidewalk creation and sidewalk repair, having an experienced New Jersey paving contractor is invaluable. Riggi Paving Inc. has been creating and repairing sidewalks in Bergen County for more than 60 years.

The sidewalk is an important amenity for any home, allowing easy and safe access to, from, and past any residence. A smooth and even surface is necessary for safe travel, and so a sidewalk should be kept in good condition with necessary attention from time to time.

Who Repairs Sidewalks?

People expect to be able to walk upon a concrete sidewalk to get where they need to go with little interference aside from crossing driveways and street intersections. A sidewalk should offer a safe footpath for pedestrians, away from vehicle travel. In almost all cases, a homeowner is responsible for the upkeep & sidewalk repair.

Failure to provide and maintain the sidewalk can result in injury, irritation and sometimes lawsuits. If you have a problem occurring with your sidewalk, it is best to take care of it quickly. Luckily for you, Riggi Paving is well versed! For sidewalk installation and sidewalk repair in Bergen County, Riggi Paving Inc. will have it functioning safely.

Sidewalk Installation

Installing a sidewalk involves laying it out, digging and pouring. The difficult part is keeping a smooth and consistent surface from section to section.

Of course, there are some who wish to stray from the average run of the mill and create a unique and stunning custom sidewalk. Material options for a custom sidewalk, instead of poured concrete, might include stamped concrete or pavers.

The proper installation of a sidewalk is essential to its functionality and lifespan, but quality sidewalks also serve communities, pedestrians and vehicles traffic safety. Hiring a concrete sidewalk contractor to get your sidewalk installed can ensure that your sidewalk needs are met.

Choosing A Bergen County NJ Concrete Sidewalk Contractor

Riggi Paving is set apart from the competition because of the high level of quality workmanship it provides. We use the best quality materials and the highest attention to fine detail. This high standard of performance is delivered at a fair price.

If you need a sidewalk installed, repaired, or replaced contact the most reputable Bergen County paving company, Riggi Paving Inc.