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Belgian Block Driveway Curbing Bergen County NJ

Belgian block is often chosen for a driveway surface or simply as curbing to a driveway, sidewalk, or yard.  Also known as ‘sett stone’, Belgian rough cut rectangular shaped stone.  There is no specific stone used for Belgian block, though granite is often used.  Not as irregular in shape as cobblestone, Belgian stone has historically been used to pave streets as well.  As such it is easy to see why the two are considered interchangeable.

Installing Belgian Block

Installing Belgian block is best done by a professional. Riggi Paving has experience with Belgian block installation, or like materials of the time, in driveways, walkways, and edging lawns going back 60 years. stone paver installation takes design, preparation and the knowhow to lay so they will last. There are streets laid with these aesthetically pleasing Belgian blocks that have existed for more than a hundred years.  It should be cut in the same size, yet its rough edging negates complete uniformity.

Belgian block needs to be installed with half of the block beneath the surface. Of course if you are going for a driveway or walkway you want the blocks to be flush or slightly above the ground surface.  When laying out an area for the stones, whether a curb or a pathway, an experienced contractor will make sure the area trenched is wider than the stones.  This allows for the inherent inconsistencies and also leaves room for cement, mortar or sand between stones.

When the trench has been dug the next step is to lay the base with gravel. This is followed with a layer of sand; the area is then leveled and blocks laid on top of the sand.  The sturdier the base layer the steadier the finished project will be.  Regardless of what the purpose of the blocks is service, driveway or landscape edging, the tighter it is packed the more uniform it will appear.

Picking Your NJ Belgian Block Installer

Riggi Paving Inc. is the premier paving company in Bergen County NJ and surrounding areas.  What sets Riggi Paving apart from the competition is quality workmanship and generations of experience.  In addition Riggi Paving uses the best quality materials, pays attention to detail and delivers at a fair price. If you have a Belgian block project planned contact the most reputable Bergen County NJ paving company, Riggi Paving Inc.



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