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Asphalt Speed Bump Construction | Speed Hump Construction NJ
Speed Humps Bumps Paving Bergen County NJ

Speed humps or bumps, also referred to as speed tables, are often seen as essential elements in areas where slowing traffic down is desired, if not necessary. While these bumps in the road may appear simple, if not effortless to construct, the opposite is true. There is skill involved with installing a speed bump/hump/table and the inability to do a proper job can result in an ineffective solution with your speeding problems. Riggi Paving is a New Jersey paving company that has mastered the installation of speed bumps and will stand behind its workmanship.

Speed Bump Paving For Safety

A speed bump is most often seen in areas where speeding is not only an issue, but also a matter of safety.  Schools, long driveways, and thickly settled areas ripe with pedestrians and children are prime candidates for speed bumps and speed humps.  While sometimes these installations require public approval they are often placed on private property where they do not.  Before hiring a Bergen County paving contractor to for asphalt speed bump construction, make sure you have gone through the correct approval process should one be necessary.


What is involved with speed bump or speed hump construction?

Placement is one aspect. Regardless of where it will be built it needs to be placed where cars cannot go around in order to be the most effective.  An experienced NJ paving company understands these situations.

Another aspect of constructing speed humps is how they are installed.  It is rare for a speed bump to be built on raw ground.  Of course if they are they would be constructed as any road or driveway would be with attention to the ground preparation and the sub base layer.  When they are built on an existing road it is necessary to adhere the bump to the asphalt beneath it.  This means that the surface needs to be thoroughly cleaned and prepared prior to adding the adhesive.  The asphalt needs to be roughed up, or keyed, prior to an adhesive placement.  The adhesive used is typically tack oil. Bumps, humps, or tables need to cure for a while, typically 30 days, and prior to being sealed and marked. And then markings before bumps or on the bumps are essential for visibility.


Why Riggi for asphalt speed bump construction?

Riggi Paving Inc. has been paving New Jersey for more than 60 years.  What sets our Bergen County paving company apart from the competition is quality workmanship. Riggi Paving strives to meet a customer’s needs by offering a fair price while delivering the highest standard of service. From the best quality materials to the highest attention to fine detail.  If you are looking to install speed bumps, humps, or tables, contact the most reputable New Jersey paving company, Riggi Paving Inc.