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General Bergen County Concrete Construction may include pouring footers for a concrete deck, concrete pool decks, concrete countertops, concrete steps or perhaps a concrete slab for a patio.  Concrete is a versatile product used both inside and outside of the home and for a myriad of different things. From foundations to chimneys and everything in between. Regardless of what your concrete construction needs are hiring a qualified and experienced Bergen County NJ residential concrete contractor is essential for a job well done!

Bergen County Residential Concrete Contractor

Every concrete job is different. Installing it can also be challenging: factors that affect a concrete job include the type of job, size of the job, the shape of the project, the desired color and finish.  Concrete should be poured with an eye on the finished product, the consistency as well as the avoidance of cracking.  Preparation is key to a quality end result.  Riggi Paving Inc. has been working with concrete for more than 60 years and can handle all of your New Jersey concrete work.

Similar steps are involved with most concrete jobs, regardless of the scope.  These steps include design, preparation, pouring and leveling, to name a few.  An experienced concrete contractor will not only understand the steps involved in completing a job, but also the conditions necessary to get the job started.  There are three parts to a concrete job: before, during, and after. Each part has its own set of procedures.

The before procedures of a job include completing the design and preparing the site.  An outdoor job may involve ensuring proper drainage and some utility locating, whereas an indoor job may simply involve leveling and structural attention. Once the forms are created the job is ready to start.

Not all concrete is equal, some concrete is dense and other types smooth. Knowing what is required and desired is the real job of a New Jersey concrete contractor. Keeping this material liquid while pouring is essential; as concrete is poured the finishing begins. Curing is a process that takes 28 days; the first 48 hours being the most important, including color and pattern.  When a concrete job is complete it should be sealed.

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Riggi Paving Inc. is a family owned and operated company that has been working with asphalt and concrete slabs in New Jersey for more than half a century.  Contact our team for design, layout, and construction to fulfill all of your Bergen County concrete needs.


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