About Riggi Paving | New Jersey’s Leading Asphalt Contractor

Riggi Paving is a family owned and operated business that has been paving parking lots and driveways in New Jersey for over 60 years. Frank Riggi learned all about the paving business from his father, Frank Riggi Sr. who started the business over 60 years ago. Frank grew up in the business and took all he learned to grow one of the most respected names in the paving industry: Riggi Paving Inc.
What sets Riggi Paving apart from the competition is the highest level of quality workmanship at a fair price. From the best quality materials to the highest attention to fine detail, Riggi Paving sets the standard. Frank will personally see that every job is done right by working on your job himself. If you demand a company to hold your project to the highest standard then call Riggi Paving.
Our services include: