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Excavation Defined

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Excavation includes digging holes, trenches and the preparation of soil for a building project. Excavating takes place for sidewalks & driveways, to burying utility lines to creating foundations for a home or building.  An experienced Bergen County excavator understands what it entails to get the job done, no matter how big or small the project.

The work is precise and follows specific measurements, including length, width, and depth.  An excavating job starts after a surveyor has marked an area for digging. Typically after the excavating occurs, the laying of infrastructure or a foundation follows and then the excavator returns to backfill the area.  Excavating is an essential element to new home construction and as such needs to be completed based upon a set of plan.

Excavating NJ Experience

Excavation can be tricky and an understanding for the earth’s disruption is essential. Utility locates, environmental concerns and a general history of the area are helpful and often necessary.  Knowing the type of soil you will be digging through and having the appropriate equipment is crucially important.

Excavating is typically the work of a sub- contractor, meaning it is one part of a complete construction project.  Excavating is best left to a professional, a company that has expertise in this area and that is bonded and insured. While no one wants anything to go wrong it can happen and knowing anything is possible only supports finding a responsibly insured excavator.


Picking Your Bergen County Excavating Contractor

Riggi Paving stands behind its work, offering expertise in excavation and paving.  What sets Riggi Paving Inc. apart from the competition?  A high level of quality workmanship, the best quality materials and the highest attention to detail all delivered at a fair price. If you require excavation services in New Jersey,  contact the most reputable Bergen County excavating company, Riggi Paving Inc.


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