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Municipal Roadways Bergen County NJ
Municipal Roadways Bergen County NJ

The paving of municipal roadways is instrumental to any community.  All roads have a useful life and as such follow maintenance, repair, and replacement schedules.  These roadways are engineered to withstand specific traffic flows and are designed for specific areas or locations.  Municipal roads throughout New Jersey are paved by private contractors.  Riggi Paving Inc. is a family owned and operated company that has been paving roadways in New Jersey for 60 years.

NJ Municipal Roadway Seasons & Process

Summer is a busy time of year for the paving of municipal roadways throughout New Jersey.  The winter months include freezing temperatures, which inhibit the ability to provide quality paving.  While cold patching can occur during the winter to make repairs like filling potholes, true quality paving requires warmer temperatures.  The mixing of asphalt, laying it down and curing it cannot occur during freezing temperatures.  As a result the roadway paving season can be rather short, leaving a great deal of work to be done while the weather is good.  These jobs must be planned ahead of time, so they typically go out to bid during the winter months.

Municipal roadway paving typically goes to qualified contractors through a bidding process. Tax payer dollars are involved for any roads that are not private and as such these funds are closely monitored.  Interested paving contractors receive a bid packet that describes the scope of service needed with engineering specifications, including the size of roadway and desired location.

Municipal roadways either receive patching and repairs as needed, overlays, or a full milling and restructuring.  Drainage is an important element of paving, as excessive moisture can cause stress and damage to roads.  Likewise a solid foundation is essential.  A failing sub layer can wreak havoc on roadways.  The base layer is prepared to address drainage, freezing and thawing and weight limits.  Heavier traffic flows, like those seen on major highways, require different engineering than small ‘cul de sac streets’, for example.  An experienced NJ paving contractor knows how to read engineering specifications and how to construct the type of road required.


Picking Your NJ Municipal Roadway Contractor

Riggi Paving Inc. is a family owned and operated company that has been paving municipal roadways for a over 60 years.  We pride ourselves on quality workmanship at reasonable pricing.  Whether you are in need of paving for a private road, public or municipal road or a driveway, we welcome the opportunity to meet your needs.  Contact our team at Riggi Paving today for all of your Bergen County and the surrounding NJ area paving needs.


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