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Road or driveway resurfacing is for when a paved area does not require complete replacement. Nothing lasts forever and roads and driveways are no exception. Attention to roads and driveways can help avoid the costliness of a complete replacement. Riggi Paving is familiar with and has the expertise to examine a road or driveway in order to determine what is needed to restore it both aesthetically and functionally.

When To Resurface Roads or Driveways

Cracks are typically met with filling, sometimes those cracks in roads and driveways require a sealing.  When deeper and the roads or driveway surfaces are more crumbling in nature than a resurface is likely required.  When degradation is witnessed take the time to contact an experienced paving contractor to evaluate how to best address your pavement issues.


How do you know whether your pavement needs repaving or replacement? 

It’s a great question.  When the base layer is faulty you can resurface all day long and the end result will be continued degradation.  When this occurs you are best served by replacing the existing pavement. This will require excavating the existing road or driveway and taking it down to the ground.  At this point the entire surface will be examined for existing issues, like drainage and basic structure.  A complete new base layer will be laid, offering a solid foundation for your new road or driveway.  If the foundation seems to be in good condition you are in luck, resurfacing is a much more affordable option.

Road or Driveway Resurfacing means placing a layer of asphalt on your existing surface.  This is typically a thin layer offering a fresh and uniform look to a surface that is showing wear and tear.  A road or driveway has an average lifespan of roughly 20 years.  A resurfacing refreshes asphalt surfaces and is typically done at 5, 10, or 15 years to bide time before replacement.

Why Choose Riggi Paving?

Riggi Paving Inc. is a family owned and operated company that prides itself on delivering a quality job.  Riggi Paving has been paving roads and driveways in Bergen County and throughout New Jersey for the past 60 years.  Our team welcomes the opportunity to help you reveal whether your asphalt needs repairing, resurfacing, or replacing.  Contact Riggi Paving today for a consultation on the condition of your road or driveway.


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