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Custom Driveways Bergen County NJ

Custom driveways are desired by the homeowner who wants to put their own stamp on the curb appeal of their home. When you want to add a custom driveway to your home it is important to find the right Bergen County NJ paving contractor for the job. Riggi Paving has been paving custom driveway around Ridgefield Park NJ for more than 60 years. You can trust us to make sure that your project turns out the way it was envisioned.

Options for Custom Driveways

While one may not give a driveway much thought, in many cases the driveway is more than just a functional pathway for your car to get to your garage. Rather a custom driveway can be a unique statement that adds to a home’s appeal. In some cases a homeowner may even wish to customize with a driveway heating system, negating any need for snow and ice removal in the winter months when temperatures are freezing. There are many options, including stone pavers, Belgian Block and none are an easy task.  Regardless of the material, a custom driveway must be planned & designed, possibly even engineered, all with an eye on detail.

The base layer is one of the more important details and must be prepared properly. A foundation is everything, including proper drainage, attention to utility lines and planning for the way the driveway will meet the home and/or garage.  Riggi Paving is an experienced and reputable Bergen County Driveway Paving company that provides exceptional service and that will create the custom driveway a homeowner desires.


Picking A Contractor For Custom Driveways | Riggi Paving Ridgefield Park NJ

Take the time to not only research NJ Paving Companies, but to also see some of the past work.  Riggi Paving Inc. is a family owned and operated company that has been paving roads and driveways in New Jersey for a half a century.  We welcome the opportunity to help you achieve the custom driveway of your dreams.  Contact our Asphalt Contractors for design, layout, and construction to fulfill all of your Bergen County paving needs.


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