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Patio Construction Bergen County NJ

Installing a new patio is an important addition to any home.  Ensuring this new patio meets the needs and expectations of a homeowner is essential.  A patio can add appeal and value to a home, not to mention outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining. Obviously some research is necessary when hiring a New Jersey paving or pavers contractor that will deliver a patio that suits both needs and lifestyle.

Patio Projects

The patio is sometimes considered a DIY project by homeowners; however and like anything, it is a job worth doing well. Proper preparation of the ground beneath a patio and proper drainage are two essential elements for a patio that will last. Having an experienced New Jersey paving company build & install a patio will ensure a long lasting, well-built space to enjoy for years to come.

Regardless of the materials you choose the hard work comes with preparing its base. The surface below a patio needs to be properly tended to in order to avoid cracks, pooling water, and an uneven platform. Preparation, compaction, and the installation of a quality base materials will result in a better patio for the homeowner. Riggi Paving Inc. of Bergen County NJ is well versed in patio design, materials and installation having 50 years of NJ patio contracting experience.

Patio Materials

In addition to the base layer building a patio includes choosing the top surface. This could be stone pavers or perhaps brick. Regardless there is a need for attention to edging as well sealing a new patio appropriately. An experienced and qualified NJ patio construction company will not disappoint. Contact us for stone paver patio installation NJ

Choosing a Contractor for Patio installation Bergen County

Riggi Paving Inc. is a family owned and operated company that prides itself on quality paving projects and building patios in Bergen County and throughout New Jersey.  Our team welcomes the opportunity to help you install a new patio for your home.  Contact our team for design, layout, and construction to fulfill all of your Bergen County paving and patio installation needs.


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